We don’t just say we respect our environment, we show it with every bottle of water we produce! From our source… to our facility… from our bottles… to our packaging… We take our responsibility to the environment seriously.

Springtime Artesian. Crafted by Nature. Captured by Springtime.

Our Artesian Source

It all starts nearly a thousand feet beneath the surface of the earth in Appling, Georgia. Through solid granite, protected from air and other pollutants for centuries by layers of rock and sand, lies our source — the Crystalline Rock Aquifer. When tapped into, the aquifer is pressurized enough to allow the water to rise naturally towards the surface. We then bottle the water at the source. Tested for purity and mineral composition. Filtered through processes including sand, charcoal and pharmaceutical grade micro filtration. The last step–ozonation, sterilizing the bottle and cap to ensure purity. The end product is Springtime Artesian–water in its purest form–the way nature intended.

Our Facilities

Our Artesian bottling plant, warehouse and offices are located on private farmland in Columbia County, Georgia, surrounded by natural, undeveloped woodlands. We are proud to say our current bottling facility has been an environmentally friendly plant since opening in 1993.

Our Packaging

Southern Beverage’s product packaging is safe for consumers and the environment. Our packaging is lightweight. We’ve reduced the plastic content of our bottles by 40%. They are not only recyclable but actually made from recycled plastic. Our bottles are BPA free and always have been. We streamline packaging by using minimum, lightweight cardboard and in some products, totally eliminated it altogether. In fact, all of the plastic and cardboard waste from the Southern Beverage facility is recycled.

Home Grown Business

We are among a group of agribusinesses that make up Georgia Grown, a marketing and economic development program of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. The Georgia Grown brand has deep roots in sustainability, quality and integrity and is dedicated to promoting Georgia’s locally grown products.

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